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Want to learn more about the rules of bridge?

Here are our policies, from the ACBL.

And here is additional useful information on the proprieties of bridge,

how to use BridgeMates,

how to keep the game moving, and our club policy on providing

partners to players.

Reminder ACBL Regulation 40: Partnership Agreements refers to Memory aids

Unless the Regulating Authority provides otherwise, a player is not entitled to any aids to his memory, calculation or technique during the auction period and play.

At FFBC, we are allowing players to record the auction and the opening lead.  It is important that this activity does not delay the bidding or play of the hand in any way.

These activities would not be permitted in a bridge tournament or at most bridge clubs. 


FFBC is NOT allowing players to review their notes after the 1st trick has been completed, as this violates ACBL Regulation 20.

In addition, it is our recommendation to limit your discussion about the bidding/play of any hand -- or preferably, wait until the end of the game to review the hands.

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