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Sad news. My mother died peacefully last night at MeadowGreen Nursing Home in Waltham after just recently celebrating her 94th birthday. I was able to talk to her daily and my sister and I FaceTimed with her a number of times.  She asked that all of her friends say a prayer for her and take care of themselves during these challenging times. 


She told me that she really cherished her memories of playing bridge at the Belmont Bridge Club “with all of the nice people”. Thanks for running all of those great games and celebrating her bridge achievements with that wonderful cake with her picture on it!


Bob, thanks again for everything! 

If you wish to send

a sympathy card:

Tom Greehan

PO Box 19

Southborough, MA  01772-0019

Sad News     
Mort Speck passed on Tuesday (4/21).  He had had a stroke the previous Wednesday.  He died peacefully at home.”

Our lives go on without you

But nothing is the same

We have to hide our heartache  When someone speaks your name

Sad are the hearts that loved you

Silent are the tears that fallLiving without you is the hardest part of all

Author Unknown

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