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Summary of Our FFBC Tournaments on BBO:


Monday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                   7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    7 minutes per board, “OPEN”


Wednesday, 9:50 AM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                    7 minutes per Board, "OPEN"


Wednesday, 7:15PM, 20-21 boards, 3 boards per                                                    round

                                     7 minutes per board, "OPEN"


Wednesday, 7:25 PM,   12 boards, 9 minutes per                                                    board with post-game                                                 discussion on Zoom,                     "LIMITED" NonLifeMasters.

Thursday, 9:30 AM, 12 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    9 minutes per board,

        “Restricted”, must be Skill Level = Novice or


Thursday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                     7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Friday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                 7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Some day this will return the Norm

FFBC  offers an open duplicate bridge every Monday, Thursday, & Friday at 12:30 pm. We play between 20 - 24 boards  

Bob Gaudet runs a Newcomer Game on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  He starts with a 20-minute mini-lesson and then plays roughly 9 hands.  Masterpoints are awarded.  Since this is an educational opportunity, you can use your notes, and even ask questions when you get "stuck".  Partners are always available.  

FFBC also offers Drop-In Bridge: on Tuesday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM.  All skill levels are invited to come and play bridge with some very friendly and welcoming players. 

You will make some new friends and enjoy a relaxing evening. 

The cost is $10.00 for a Duplicate Bridge Game (18-24 boards).   

Coffee and snacks are provided at the duplicate games.

Where:  We play in the lower level of St Camillus Church, 1175 Concord Turnpike (Route 2) in Arlington MA. Please don't park in the two rows closest to the church. There is a handicap accessible entrance with elevator on the Dow Avenue side of the church.   


Fees:  Games cost $10. 


Need a partner?  Use our easy PlayMates program (click here), or contact Bob Gaudet, our Club Director, in advance if possible, or just come to the game 15 minutes early, and we'll accommodate you.

Questions?  Please contact Bob Gaudet, our Club Director, at 339-223-6484 or by email.  


 Directions to St. Camillus Church, lower level, 1175 Concord Turnpike (Route 2), Arlington.
Take Exit 57 off Route 2 – whether traveling East or West.  At the bottom of the hill is the Dow Avenue intersection.  If you have come from the East, the church parking lot is to your right.  If you have come from the West, turn left on Dow Avenue and travel under Route 2.  At the Stop sign, you will see the church parking lot diagonally to your right.  Note: We are located in the lower level of the church and the entrance is at the parking lot level at the right rear of the building as you face the church with Route 2 at your back.  Drive between rectory and back of church to reach the parking lot and side door entrance.