Teacher: Elizabeth Gompels


BEGINNER CLASSES with Elizabeth Gompels: You will play Bridge every session. All classes are highly interactive in a relaxed environment, allowing you to have fun, learn, and meet new friends. Contact Elizabeth at  elibridge101@outlook.com with any questions.


will start up online Monday, January 4. It is an eight-week series introducing players to the basics of bidding, play, and defense. We meet via Zoom Monday afternoons, 1:30 to 3:30 PM.  Registration is now open at Arlington Community Education   https://arlington.ce.eleyo.com/course/532/winter-2021/learn-bridge

Here is the syllabus:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Bridge

  • Week 2 - Bidding to Win (Part 1)

  • Week 3 - Bidding to Win (Part 2)

  • Week 4 - Defensive Bidding - Overcalls, etc.

  • Week 5 - Opening Leads - Defensive Play

  • Week 6 - Opening NT Bids and Responses

  • Week 7 - Opening Preemptive Bids

  • Week 8 - Bidding to Slam

Tuition for 8-class series: $159 includes comprehensive handouts. The optional textbook “Easybridge” may be purchased from the instructor (cost is $18, includes shipping).


PLAY BRIDGE will start up online Tuesday, January 26. It is a six-week series focused on Declarer Play and improving your Bridge-thinking skills. We meet via Zoom Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 PM or Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Registration opens November 23 at Arlington Community Education https://arlington.ce.eleyo.com/course/354/winter-2021/play-bridge.


Here is the syllabus:

  • Week 1 - Declarer's P.L.A.N.

  • Week 2  - Creating Winners, Eliminating Losers

  • Week 3  - All About the Finesse

  • No class - School Vacation Week

  • Week 4 - Defense: Leads & Signals

  • Week 5 - Managing Entries

  • Week 6 - Putting It All Together


Tuition for 5-class series: $119 includes comprehensive handouts.


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Questions? Please contact Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com




⛄️Winter 2021 Bridge Classes -- Kim Gilman 

Schedule is Here!

All of Kim's lessons are currently online, where fun and learning continue! Kim teaches with Zoom and an online bridge classroom where students practice hands in class. Learn by playing deals that reflect the lesson, and receive immediate feedback on the expert techniques. 


Kim has daytime and evening courses for all levels, including beginners who want to learn from scratch.  

We will keep it going this winter, where bridge games and classes will continue to be a much-appreciated diversion! Registration is now open for all classes, and below is a full schedule with details.
To sign up, e-mail kgilman11@gmail.com, and Kim will send payment information. 
Click below for a complete schedule and details.

 .A new beginner game starting up on Wednesday nights with post-game discussion.

We have a separate section for novices to advancing beginners at 7:25 PM. We play 8 or 9 boards and have a Zoom conference after the game to review the hands.

Co-hosted by Family Friendly Bridge Club and The DBC of Winchester. Registration opens at 4:45 PM on Wednesdays, early sign up encouraged. Any questions? Contact, Elizabeth < elibridge101@outlook.com>.

Forming small groups for casual play:

Contact Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com if you are interested in joining with others to play bridge for fun and practice. Each group will decide when and how often you will play. Elizabeth will make the introductions and assist with setup if you would like help getting started. We have received positive feedback from players and former students.   If you are looking for partners in competitive play or for virtual club games, Elizabeth will be happy to assist you too.

Private lessons are also available from the teachers below - please contact them directly.
Email:  Elizabeth Gompels

Email Bob:   bridgeleader@yahoo.com 

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