Teacher: Elizabeth Gompels

BEGINNER CLASSES with Elizabeth Gompels: You will play Bridge every session. All classes are highly interactive in a relaxed environment, allowing you to have fun while learning, and making new friends. Send an e-mail to Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com with any questions or suggestions.

PLAY BRIDGE (at St Camillus)

6 Tuesdays, 10:00 – 12 noon

April 26 – May 31


This six-week series moves beyond the basics of the game with an emphasis on declarer play and improving your bridge-thinking skills. Each session will be hands-on with ample opportunities to practice new techniques and play bridge. Appropriate for players who completed Learn Bridge or any introductory course. 

Registration via Arlington Community Education 




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LEARN BRIDGE (at Gibbs School)

7 Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

April 27 – June 8


“Bridge is such a sensational game that I wouldn’t mind being in jail if I had three cellmates who were decent players, and who were willing to keep the game going 24 hours a day,”—Warren Buffet


Sociable and enchanting, a hand of bridge takes only a deck of 52 cards, four people, and about 10 minutes to play. Easy to learn, the game can take a lifetime to master and is fun to play at all levels of expertise. Over eight weeks, you will learn the basics of bidding, playing, and scoring. Each session begins with a 45-minute lesson, followed by 75 minutes of practice play. Classes will include guided demonstrations, group discussions, and bridge hands to practice techniques and have fun. The book Easybridge! by Edith McMullin is optional and may be purchased from the instructor. 

Registration is via Arlington Community Education 

Learn Bridge - Arlington Community Education (eleyo.com)

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4 Wednesdays, 1:00 – 3:00 PM

April 27 – May 18


Improve Your Defense… this mini-course is all about Defense. Topics include Carding/Signals, Opening Leads, Discards, and Partnership Cooperation. You will bid and play a series of prepared deals with your classmates to practice the techniques presented. Get your questions answered and receive help in real-time. This is a great opportunity for beginner course graduates and advanced beginners to develop their defensive skills and fierce defender mindset.

Registration is via Prescott School Community Center 




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Questions? Please contact Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com




NEW Classes:  Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Bridge Lessons with Bob Gaudet at St Camillus, Tuesday Afternoons, 1 to 3 PM, 8 weeks, from May 24 thru July 12, $ 25 per lesson.

100% refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.   Send Email if you need further info:  bridgeleader@gmail.com


Week 1 – Responding to Opening of 1 of Major (done)

Week 2 – Responding to Opening of 1 of Minor (May 31)

Week 3 – Responding to NoTrump Opening (Jun 7)

Week 4 – Preemptive Openings (Jun 14)

Week 5 – Double and Redouble (Jun21)

Week 6 – Overcalls – Simple and Jump Overcalls (Jun 28)

Week 7 – Slam Bidding / 2 Club Openings (Jul 5)

Week 8 – Declarer & Defender Play (Jul 12)



Other Classes offered thru FFBC – Contact teacher for more information –


Elizabeth Gompels, <elibridge101@outlook.com> and

Kim Gilman, < kgilman11@comcast.net >.


 2022 Bridge Classes -

- Kim Gilman 

  visit her website www.bridgewithkim.com.


Dear Bridge Players, 


While I'm still savoring my spring blossoms and lilacs, summer is almost here, and there is so much exciting bridge coming up! I want to tell you about:


1. My summer class schedule

2. Opportunities to play in person this month

3. The Nationals in Providence July 14-24

4. Beginner Bridge this summer and fall

5. Fall Preview


So here goes!


1. Summer Classes: I will be teaching only two online bridge courses this summer, but they are both much-requested and will be back with all new practice deals and topics. For more advanced players, Follow the Clues will give you techniques and practice in using logic, deduction, and counting to get more bridge decisions right, more often. 


For those with a little less experience, I invite you to participate in my Learning Games. Perfect for summer - no homework or new conventions - just a chance to play and learn the expert view as I pause the game to review the hands. Full details are in the attachment, or click the links above to my website.


2. Real, live bridge! I want to call your attention to some in-person bridge opportunities for newer players (even if you've yet to play face-to-face bridge!). I've been trying to play more in-person myself and have enjoyed it so much this spring.


Family Friendly Bridge Club in Arlington, MA has a weekly Newcomer Game and mini-lesson on Thursday mornings at 9:30. It's even OK to use your notes!


3. *North American Bridge Championships, Providence, RI July 14-24. The "Nationals" are an amazing experience for me every time, and I hope you, too, will enjoy some of the excitement. There are games for all levels, including you! 


Please register your interest in attending on my website here. I'll be sending more details, arranging partnerships and carpools from MA, and showing you "the ropes" to play this summer with fellow bridge lovers from all over. Proof of *Covid vaccination is required to attend the games in Providence.


4. Beginners: I want to thank everyone who has referred a beginner to learn bridge with me. It has been a joy showing hundreds of people the joys of our game over the past two years. It's been such a great way to learn, that we will continue with "Learn to Play Online." 


This summer, my associate Nancy Olt will teach the Beginner course, and I'll be back teaching Beginners this Fall. If you refer a friend to either of us, you receive a $30 discount towards any of our classes. Send your friend this link: Learn to Play Bridge.


5. Fall 2022 — I plan to teach a full schedule of classes this Fall, with emphasis on bidding and declarer play. As most of you know, my online classroom allows for intensive practice as each student and partnership bids and/or plays every hand. 


I've included my tentative Fall schedule in the attachment. "Dazzling Defense" will be back in the Winter of 2023. 


I hope to see you this summer. Either way, I wish you a healthy and relaxing season, and that you play some bridge and earn a few master points along the way….

Click here for the Attachment

Best regards,



Private lessons are also available from the teachers below - please contact them directly.
Email:  Elizabeth Gompels

Email Bob:   bridgeleader@yahoo.com