Teacher: Elizabeth Gompels

BEGINNER CLASSES with Elizabeth Gompels: You will play Bridge every session. All classes are highly interactive in a relaxed environment, allowing you to have fun while learning, and making new friends. Send an e-mail to Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com with any questions or suggestions.


Have Fun this Summer and Improve Your Playing Skills


PLAY BRIDGE 2, will start up online on Tuesday, July 6. New deals, new techniques each week over a six-week series. Enjoy your summer days, then join us on Zoom Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 PM and play Bridge with your classmates. Registration is via Arlington Community Education [see their Summer Catalog or follow this link to their secure website  https://arlington.ce.eleyo.com/course/959/summer-2021/play-bridge  for details, tuition and registration information].

Coming this Fall, classes will resume at St. Camillus…


Improve Your Bidding… BIDDING REFRESHER mini-course will begin in September and meet weekly for four two-hour sessions. Topics include Opening & Responding, Overcalls & Takeout Doubles, Stayman & Jacoby Transfers, and Strong 2C & Blackwood. You will bid, and play a series of prepared deals with your classmates to practice the techniques presented. This is a wonderful opportunity for Bridge players who are returning to the game and would like a refresher or for beginners who want to improve and hone their bidding skills. 


Improve Your Defense… Play Bridge – DEFENSE mini-course will meet for four two-hour sessions and will be offered in September. Topics include Carding/Signals, Opening Leads, Discards and Partnership Cooperation. You will bid and play a series of prepared deals with your classmates to practice the techniques presented. Get your questions answered and receive help in real-time. This is a great opportunity for beginner course graduates and advanced beginners to develop their defensive skills and fierce defender mindset.


Learn How to Play Bridge (invite your friends)…


LEARN BRIDGE will start-up in September. It is an eight-week series introducing players to the basics of bidding, play, and defense. Registration is via Arlington Community Education. Watch for the Fall Catalog [https://www.arlingtoncommunityed.org/ ].

Here is the syllabus:

·     Week 1 – Introduction to Bridge

·     Week 2 - Bidding to Win (Part 1)

·     Week 3 - Bidding to Win (Part 2)

·     Week 4 - Defensive Bidding - Overcalls, etc.

·     Week 5 - Opening Leads - Defensive Play

·     Week 6 - Opening NT Bids and Responses

·     Week 7 - Opening Preemptive Bids

·     Week 8 - Bidding to Slam


Tuition includes comprehensive handouts each week. The optional textbook “Easybridge!” by Edith McMullin may be purchased from the instructor at the first class.

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Questions? Please contact Elizabeth at elibridge101@outlook.com




Teacher: Elizabeth Gompels

Welcome novices and advancing beginners. There is a separate game starting at 7:25 PM on Wednesdays. We play 12 boards and have a Zoom chat after the game to review the hands with your fellow players.

Co-hosted by Family Friendly Bridge Club and The DBC of Winchester. Registration opens on BBO at 5:25 PM, early sign up encouraged. Any questions? Contact, Elizabeth <elibridge101@outlook.com>.

 2021 Bridge Classes -

- Kim Gilman 


 Kim Gilman has more online classes this Fall for Beginners through Advanced. Both "Dazzling Defense" and "Bidding in Competitive Auctions" are back! Our players may be very interested in joining an advanced class with Kim's celebrity guest teachers, Zach Grossack (Monday evenings) or Gavin Wolpert (Tuesday September 28th); along with other lessons for improving players. Click here [link] for all the details, or visit her website www.bridgewithkim.com.


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Private lessons are also available from the teachers below - please contact them directly.
Email:  Elizabeth Gompels

Email Bob:   bridgeleader@yahoo.com