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When the round is over (either by the Director's call or when the clock has expired): 

     1. E/W must get up and move if another pair is waiting to come to the table.

     2. If a board is still being played at the table, N/S should move the boards that they have finished playing to the

         appropriate table.

     3. Do not start another board unless the Director gives his/her approval.

If you are behind, move along.  Do not stop and discuss the boards, etc.

Make your opening lead before you write the contract on your score sheet.

If a player makes a claim, all play must top.  If any player wishes to dispute the claim, the you must call the Director.  

After a hand, players may review results on the BridgeMate SILENTLY, and then pass the BridgeMate to the next player. Do not announce what other results were achieved.  It is very important NOT to reveal the results to the players at other tables, and to keep the game moving along.  Bridge is a competitive and timed game!


Always be courteous to your partner and the opponents.

If there is any problem, question, or irregularity at the table, call the Director immediately.  No one at the table should try to make rulings.  

Proprieties of Bridge

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