Virtual Club Games are played on Bridge Base Online.




Our doors are open in Arlington

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Welcome Back

We will continue to use the BBO site until further notice


Through our partnership with Bridge Base Online (BBO), the ACBL and the Common game, we have our own private club online!  We will have daily games and opportunities for you to meet, partner and play bridge with your friends, from home.

You can play on your computer, tablet or smartphone with us.


Our daily online games will award

125% ACBL Black Masterpoints

at club ratings


Join us online for a Game!

NOTE: Games are listed 2-hours before the game time 


1.    Our private games are held at www.bridgebase.com.  

2.    Become a member or log in

3.    Add funds with the "BB$" button

4.    go back to the original BBO homepage

5.    close the BB$ box and click "HOME"

6.    choose "COMPETITIVE"

7.    select "ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS", 

8.    look for our games VACB271817 or scroll down and look for Pairs FFBC

9.    Add yourself and a partner, or find one at the "Partnership Desk" 

 (both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register)


On the BBO Home page,




ACBL Virtual Clubs. Find the 

Pairs FFBC game and

click its title 

Silvana Morici, a BBO Expert  has provided us access to her BBO tutorials on Youtube:



You will find information about:

How to Join BBO

How to add Money to BBO

How to find YOUR GAMES

Need a Partner? Learn how!

How to Bid & Play on BBO

How to Alert bids on BBO

Make a BBO Convention Card


Thanks to everyone for your support during these difficult times.


Bob Gaudet

Cell: (339) 223-6484


Mysterious Abbreviations in BBO:
  Click Here to view the BBO Dictionary.PDF 

Summary of Our FFBC Tournaments on BBO:


Monday, 12:40 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                   7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Wednesday, 9:50 AM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                    7 minutes per Board, "OPEN"


Thursday, 9:30 AM, 12 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    8 minutes per board,

 “Restricted”, must be Skill Level = Novice or Beginner

Thursday, 12:40 PM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                     7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Friday, 12:40 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                 7 minutes per board, “OPEN”