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BridgeMate Instructions

At the start of the event:

1.   Do not press any key on the BridgeMates until told to do so.

2.  When instructed to do so, press OK to wake up the BridgeMate; you will see ‘Bridgemate II’ etc.

3.  Press OK to choose the Section you are in (A, B etc.) and your table number.  Please call the

     Director if you are not able to enter your table number.

4.  Enter your ACBL player numbers (up to 7 digits) alongside the relevant N, S, E or W and press OK. 

5.  Press OK and you will now see the round number, the boards you are playing and the

     NS and EW pair numbers Please call the Director if this is incorrect.

For each board played and scored

6.  Press OK and you will be prompted for the board number you are playing/have played; this will

     default to the expected board number. If this is not the right board press CAN (cancel).

7.  Enter board number and press OK.  If you play your boards out of the expected order,

     make sure you enter the correct board number.

8.  Enter Contract (CONTR) by pressing a number (e.g. 3) and then the denomination (eg ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠ or NT).  

     If doubled press X or if redoubled press XX. 

9.  Enter the Declarer by pressing either N/S or E/W (nb: Press N/S once for N and twice for S and then press OK).

     Note:  you can do steps 6 – 9 as soon as the bidding is finished, or do all the steps 6-11 after the board has been played.

10. Enter the result.  Examples:

        Making a contract or making over tricks:  enter 3 for making 3 tricks, and press OK

        Going down on a contract:  enter -2 for going down 2 on the contract, and press OK

11. Pass to East or West to verify.  E/W presses the ACCEPT button (located at the top right). Once E/W  has verified

     the result, you can press OK to show the results on the board so far.

Important: When viewing results, each player should review the results SILENTLY and then pass the BridgeMate to the next player. Do not announce what other results were achieved.  It is very important NOT to reveal the results to the players at other tables, and to keep the game moving along.

If you need to make a correction, press CAN (cancel).  This will allow you to go back to a previous step; keep pressing it until you reach the point you need to correct and then proceed.


As always, if you experience any problems please call the Director.

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