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Here are some simple playing tips to incorporate into your game.  

They are polite ways to keep the game moving, making it pleasurable and low stress for us all.  

When on lead, make your opening lead before writing the contract down.

(Even before entering in the BrdgeMate)


Claim the hand when you can, explaining how you are going to play the cards. 


The biggest time culprit is talking about hands that are over.  Don't do it!. If someone at your table won't stop talking about the hand, it is fine to politely ask them to save the conversation for after the game.  

When the round is over, move promptly to the next round.  If you are still playing, be sure to send the finished boards to the next table (or ask someone to get you a board if necessary). 


Practicing these  simple, thoughtful habits will make our games better for everyone!

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