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Online Bridge Classes in Full Swing This Fall!


Our Bridge Teachers Kim Gilman and Elizabeth Gompels have mastered the art of teaching bridge online. Continue to learn and improve your game while we wait for the return of in-person bridge! You only need Zoom and the Internet.


Click here for a full list of Kim's Fall 2020 classes for Advanced Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced players. 


Kim will be teaching courses daytimes, evenings, and Saturday mornings on just about everything. She uses the new Shark Bridge classroom for students to play practice hands during class. So, you learn by playing, not lectures.


Highlights include:


Dazzling Defense! Tuesday and Friday mornings starting 9/22

Demon Declarers! (Adv. Beginner+) Monday & Wednesday evenings starting 9/14


Fiendish Declarers! (Intermediate+) Monday and Wednesday mornings starting 9/14

And many more…click above for full listing.


Learn to Play Bridge

Kim is also offering three Beginner courses this Fall. Click here for course dates and details.


Sign up for any of Kim's classes by e-mailing her at

Elizabeth Gompels will be teaching online during the Fall Term with Arlington Community Education.  




8 Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, Sept 22 – Nov 17 (no class 11/03)



4 Tuesday mornings, 9:30 - 11:30 AM, Sept 22 - Oct 13


Play Bridge, DEFENSE

4 Tuesday mornings, 9:30 - 11:30 AM, Oct 20 - Nov 17

(no class 11/03)


Topics will include Carding/Signals, Opening Leads, Discards and Partnership Cooperation.

Learn Bridge


Play Bridge (both Bidding & Defense)

Forming small groups for casual play:

Contact Elizabeth at if you are interested in joining with others to play bridge for fun and practice. Each group will decide when and how often you will play. Elizabeth will make the introductions and assist with setup if you would like help getting started. We have received positive feedback from players and former students.   If you are looking for partners in competitive play or for virtual club games, Elizabeth will be happy to assist you too.

Club Appreciation Week in the Virtual Clubs

Join us for our latest online bridge event – Club Appreciation Week – for double black masterpoint awards AND a way to show love for your club.

Club Appreciation Week will be held in the Virtual Clubs on Bridge Base Online (BBO) from Monday to Sunday, October 26 to November 1. No registration is required. Simply play in your usual Virtual Club game on BBO.

If you’re not familiar with a Virtual Club yet, it’s an online space on BBO just for your regular club – usual games with your friends to support your local club.

Here’s how Club Appreciation Week works:

  • Any Virtual Club game that starts between 12:01 a.m. on Monday, October 26, and 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 1, will automatically be included in the event.

  • All games will pay DOUBLE regular black masterpoints.

  • You do not need to do anything special to participate these games; Virtual Club play is automatically included.

  • There will be no overalls or combining of scores. It’s your regular club game with new, temporary conditions.

This opportunity is only available to clubs that have created a Virtual Club on BBO. If your club hasn’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Club managers can fill out a short form to get started.

Summary of Our FFBC Tournaments on BBO:


Monday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                   7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Wednesday, 9:50 AM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                    7 minutes per Board, "OPEN"


Wednesday, 7:15 PM, 20-21 boards, 3 brds per round 

                                    7 minutes per board, "OPEN"

Wednesday, 7:25 PM,   12 boards , 9 minutes per                                                    board with post-game                                                 discussion on Zoom,                     "LIMITED" NonLifeMasters.

Thursday, 9:30 AM, 12 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    9 minutes per board,

 “Restricted”, must be Skill Level = Novice or Beginner

Thursday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                     7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Friday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                 7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

BBO--- I’m expecting ALL  players in a game to be online at least 10 minutes before game time.

If your partner is not online, our wonderful directors will probably notify you – so you can call them.

Governor Baker 
announcing a
 Reopening Phase. Please go to for up-to-date information
Please keep healthy at this time and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC. ( or

BBO Information

Please read and understand the following:


To call the Director, there is a blue box in the top left corner with 3 white bars.  Click on the box, call director and type in opponent is not answering my question.  The director will come to the table and resolve.  I want all my players to call the director for any irregularity.  We don’t want players making their own rulings at the table – especially when they complain about it later.


To inquire about a bid: you can click on the bid in question, then type “What is your agreement about this bid?”. 

The opponent’s response will go to you alone.  If there is a problem at this point, call the Director.

Please do not type any explanations/alerts to Table Chat, where your partner can see.

Doing so risks the receiving of an adjusted score -  if “damage to opponents” is found from the

“unauthorized info” being passed in the Table Chat.


Alert your bids: If opponents have special agreements and they properly Alert them, you will see the bid with an explanation on the top right of your green table area.  Note: the partner does not see the explanation, but you and your partner do see the explanation.  If you need further information, click on the bid as in the paragraph above.  Note: Failure to Alert a “special agreement” can result in an adjusted score that will benefit the injured parties.  But ACBL has determined that bids higher than 3 NT do not require “Alerts” - because it is better to ask for explanations of these bids at the end of the auction.  You can still ask questions about any specific bid, especially if you are considering to make a bid.


Slow Play:  If you encounter a “slow player”, be kind because they may be new to BBO.  If you feel there will be a “time problem”

by the end of the round, please call the Director.  If you don’t call the Director, don’t complain about it later. The Director will now be aware of the problem, and will probably monitor the table.  If you are consistently a “slow player” over more than 1 table, the Director has the duty to penalize you for “Slow Play” and points can be taken away from you.  “Slow Play” is penalized at physical clubs in the same way.

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