Elections for EMBA Board of directors:  We have 5 FFBC members nominated for election: Peter Clay (Incumbent),

Rob Jones, Jan Smola (Incumbent), Andrea Teacher, & Michael Williams.  Some pictures are attached..

Be sure to vote for your favorite(s) in the month of October.  You will get an Email from EMBA that will allow you to vote.


EMBA Candidates for Election to the EMBA Board for 2023

8 to be elected

David Aronson *

Curtis Barton

Natalie Bassil

Peter Clay *

Selen Hotamisligil *

Rob Jones

Brenda Montague *

Edward Scolnick

Jan Smola *

Andrea Teacher

Michael Williams

* running for re-election



              with Elizabeth Gompels

Other Classes offered thru FFBC – New Classes beginning in September.

Check out the Lessons Tab for NEW info and updated Lessons

Contact the teacher if you want more information –

Elizabeth Gompels, <elibridge101@outlook.com>  

Upcoming Bridge Tournaments:

NHBA Fall Foliage Sectional Tournament: September 24 & 25, Grantham Town Hall, 300 NH Rt. 10, Grantham, NH

Note: Silver master points are awarded to winners for these events.      For details, go to: Click here

EMBA Sectional Tournament: September 30 – October 2, Armenian Cultural Center, 47 Nichols Ave, Watertown, MA

Note: Silver masterpoints are awarded to winners for these events.

For details, go to: https://www.bridgewebs.com/cgi-bin/bwop/bw.cgi?pid=display_rank&event=20220930_1&wd=1&club=emba

District 25 Royal STaC – a special event just for face-to-face clubs,  will be held October 10 – 14, 2022

Royal STaC Masterpoint Awards: 25% gold, 25% red, 25% silver, 25% black
STaC = Sectional Tournament at the Clubs...  Results from all participating clubs will be combined for higher overall awards.
To see the Final Combined Results, go to https://nebridge.org/pages/48/

For Newer Players:


Opportunities to Play Bridge:

At St Camillus Church, Thursday, 9:30 AM, 12 boards, 20-minute lesson at beginning of the session, “Restricted”, must be Skill Level = Novice or Beginner.

There will be more opportunities available after

January 1 – Games restricted to new players only.    Look for the announcements in the future.

Notice of games playing Face to Face

FFBC  offers an open duplicate bridge every Monday, Thursday, & Friday at 12:30 pm. We play between 20 - 24 boards  

Bob Gaudet runs a Newcomer Game on Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  He starts with a 20-minute mini-lesson and then plays roughly 9 hands.  Masterpoints are awarded.  Since this is an educational opportunity, you can use your notes, and even ask questions when you get "stuck".  Partners are always available.  

FFBC also offers Drop-In Bridge: on Tuesday evening, 6:30 – 9:30 PM.  All skill levels are invited to come and play bridge with some very friendly and welcoming players. 

You will make some new friends and enjoy a relaxing evening. 

The cost is $10.00 for a Duplicate Bridge Game (18-24 boards).   

Coffee and snacks are provided at the duplicate games.

Where:  We play in the lower level of St Camillus Church, 1175 Concord Turnpike (Route 2) in Arlington MA. Please don't park in the two rows closest to the church. There is a handicap accessible entrance with elevator on the Dow Avenue side of the church.   


Fees:  Games cost $10. 


 BELMONT BRIDGE CLUB    9:30 am  Wednesday
The bridge game in Belmont at 266 Beech St. is Face to Face and is in full swing at this facility.  We have coffee and refreshments.     
There is no longer a game online.

WINCHESTER BRIDGE CLUB       7:00 pm  Wednesday
This bridge game plays in the lower church of St Camillus.

There is no longer a game online.

Questions?  Please contact Bob Gaudet, our Club Director, at 339-223-6484 or by email (bridgeleader@gmail.com).  


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Special Announcements: 

Usluel Mine.JPG

On Monday, Aug 29, Mine Usluel became a United States Citizen and we celebrate and congratulate her on this important occasion.

Zhao Anthony.JPG

Special Bridge Podcast:  Anthony Zhao, , has produced 2 Bridge Podcasts that discuss the future of bridge and the lack of young bridge players.  

Current average age of ACBL bridge players is 73 years old.  This is a very interesting discussion and well worth

listening to.  Anthony has just graduated from Milton Academy and is headed for Duke University in September.  The link is:


Notice of games playing Face to Face

Family Friendly Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge club in Arlington Massachusetts.  

We aspire to provide the friendliest and most relaxed competitive duplicate bridge games in the greater Boston area.  We want to be your club of choice!  

Our games are open to all level players, with masterpoints awarded to high finishers in every stratification.  We participate in The Common Game, playing the same deals as clubs all over the country. You can see how your results stack up against hundreds of other pairs, read expert hand analysis and “Kibitz the Pros.”


We especially encourage newcomers and people visiting the area to come play duplicate bridge with us.


We care about each other and our greater community.  In addition to enjoying duplicate bridge games with our friends, we try to be good community citizens through club outreach and charity.