Clean up going on at St Camillus 

New Art By Diane
New Art By Diane

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Wire brushing the Chairs
Wire brushing the Chairs

New Sinks
New Sinks

New Art By Diane
New Art By Diane

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 Paul, Rob, Walt, Ed, Barbara, Judy, Pat,  Ann Marie, brother Paul
Thank you from Bob

2021 - LESSONS

Elizabeth Gompels

 BEGINNER CLASSES with Elizabeth Gompels: You will play Bridge every session. All classes are highly interactive in a relaxed environment, allowing you to have fun, learn, and meet new friends. Contact Elizabeth at with any questions.

Mysterious Abbreviations in BBO:
  Click Here to view the BBO Dictionary.PDF 

What’s New: 

Free gift for you:  52 Facts of Bridge Life by Eddie Kantar (see attached). 

How many of these facts can you say, “Yes, I knew that!”?

What about your partner?  How many do they know?

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Governor Baker 
announcing a
 Reopening Phase. Please go to for up-to-date information
Please keep healthy at this time and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC. ( or

Spring 2021 Bridge Classes -

- Kim Gilman 

Schedule is Here!

For further info click on Lessons

Expert Defense course with
champion player Zach Grossack
click here

We strongly recommend all pairs post a convention card for our games. If you need help, please click the videos below.

Watch a "How To" Video

Summary of Our FFBC Tournaments on BBO:


Monday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                   7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Wednesday, 9:50 AM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                    7 minutes per Board, "OPEN"


Wednesday, 7:15 PM, 20-21 boards, 3 brds per round 

                                    7 minutes per board, "OPEN"

Wednesday, 7:25 PM,   12 boards , 9 minutes per                                                    board with post-game                                                 discussion on Zoom,                     "LIMITED" NonLifeMasters.

Thursday, 9:30 AM, 12 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                    9 minutes per board,

 “Restricted”, must be Skill Level = Novice or Beginner

Thursday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 brds per round,

                                     7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

Friday, 12:30 PM, 18 boards, 3 boards per round,

                                 7 minutes per board, “OPEN”

BBO--- I’m expecting ALL  players in a game to be online at least 10 minutes before game time.

If your partner is not online, our wonderful directors will probably notify you – so you can call them.

BBO Information

Please read and understand the following:


To call the Director, there is a blue box in the top left corner with 3 white bars.  Click on the box, call director and type in opponent is not answering my question.  The director will come to the table and resolve.  I want all my players to call the director for any irregularity.  We don’t want players making their own rulings at the table – especially when they complain about it later.


To inquire about a bid: you can click on the bid in question, then type “What is your agreement about this bid?”. 

The opponent’s response will go to you alone.  If there is a problem at this point, call the Director.

Please do not type any explanations/alerts to Table Chat, where your partner can see.

Doing so risks the receiving of an adjusted score -  if “damage to opponents” is found from the

“unauthorized info” being passed in the Table Chat.


Alert your bids: If opponents have special agreements and they properly Alert them, you will see the bid with an explanation on the top right of your green table area.  Note: the partner does not see the explanation, but you and your partner do see the explanation.  If you need further information, click on the bid as in the paragraph above.  Note: Failure to Alert a “special agreement” can result in an adjusted score that will benefit the injured parties.  But ACBL has determined that bids higher than 3 NT do not require “Alerts” - because it is better to ask for explanations of these bids at the end of the auction.  You can still ask questions about any specific bid, especially if you are considering to make a bid.


Slow Play:  If you encounter a “slow player”, be kind because they may be new to BBO.  If you feel there will be a “time problem”

by the end of the round, please call the Director.  If you don’t call the Director, don’t complain about it later. The Director will now be aware of the problem, and will probably monitor the table.  If you are consistently a “slow player” over more than 1 table, the Director has the duty to penalize you for “Slow Play” and points can be taken away from you.  “Slow Play” is penalized at physical clubs in the same way.