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Hi Everyone,


6 FREE Bridge Lessons (Instructor= Bob Gaudet):


Intended audience: Students who have completed a Beginner Bridge course and are starting to play bridge with their friends or at other venues.


Now that you know the “basics” of bridge, it is time to start improving.  These lessons are intended to share the knowledge that bridge players acquire after years of playing bridge.

How did other players set that 4 Spade contract when the contract was made by our opponents?  I am the Declarer and I don’t have any idea how to play this particular hand.

Do I “pull trump”? What about “Cross Trumping” – will that work?  What is “Loser-on-Loser”?


There are many things that bridge players have “figured out over the years”.  I will share as many of these things as I know during these lessons. 

Although I will mention some conventions in passing, these are not lessons about learning new conventions. 

I don’t want to bury you with paper, but there will be handouts re: my discussions.  If you specifically ask for them by email, I have additional handouts that explain things in greater detail for each lesson.

If you want to get better at this game, you will have to make an effort to improve. Stop making the same mistakes over and over.  If you put the time in, you will improve and stop finishing

in the middle of the pack each time you play.


At each lesson, the 1st hour will be discussion and the 2nd hour will be “play” of hands related to the topics discussed.

Here is the schedule: (Tuesdays, 9:30 to 11:30 AM)...

6/13/23:  How to be a good Responder.

6/20/23:  Double – How to use it effectively

6/27/23:  How to be a good Declarer/Defender

7/4/23:    No Lesson – holiday

7/11/23:  When to Overcall.

7/18/23:  All about Preempts.

7/25/23:  NoTrump Contracts – How are they different.





On July 1, 2023, the cost to purchase a group of 5 plastic “Game/Lesson Entry cards” will increase to $ 60.00 (the standard price of $ 12.00 each – and the $ 10.00 savings is no longer being offered).

Any “Game/Lesson Entry cards” you have purchased or will purchase, can be redeemed for all future games.  I am expecting that some club members will purchase additional cards in anticipation of playing in future games.

Because “Game/Lesson Entry cards” are 100% refundable at any time and they never expire, I am restricting the purchase of these cards to FFBC members only.  After July 1, 2023,

the cards are “refundable” at $ 12.00 each and they never expire.  History of FFBC Bridge Fees: 6/30/15 thru 8/31/17 = $ 8.00;   9/1/17 thru 10/31/22 = $ 10.00; 11/1/22 thru ... = $ 12.00


Thank you for understanding the situation.  For the future, I believe we will grow as a club and we will provide all the benefits that we were able to provide in the past.


Results of Alzheimer Game on 5/20:    We raised $1137 from the 15 tables - 60 bridge players


Schedule of FFBC Bridge Games on BBO:

Due to lack of participation, FFBC will not be offering any weekly games on BBO in the future.


For Independence Day (7/4/23):

Tuesday, July 4, 6:30 PM: The evening bridge game at St Camillus, Arlington is CANCELLED.

Monday’s Game, July 3, 12:30 PM:  This game will be held as scheduled – NO Change


Congratulations to our latest Lifemaster – Well Done!   (Picture attached)

Emily Gordon



When You Need a Partner – Policy:  

In general, if you come to the club without a partner, we will provide you with a partner.  Please come to bridge at least 15 minutes before game time.

Late arrival might mean that we will not be able to accommodate you.  Note: We have little control over who is available for partnerships.

If you refuse to play with the partner(s) provided, then the club has no further obligation to find another partner for you.

If you refuse to play with the partners available on more than one occasion, the club has the option to require that you bring a partner each time you play bridge.

This option can only be exercised after discussion and approval by the club’s Board of Directors




Upcoming Bridge Events/Tournaments: 


Bridge Game and Refreshments  (Attention Non-Lifemasters and Their Mentors):  Saturday, June 17: 1:00 to 4:00 PM, cost = $ 15 -- The Jenks Center, 109 Skillings Road, Winchester.

Newcomers are especially welcome and usually play in a separate section; special prizes, refreshments and lots of bridge with your friends... Come and give it a try... 

This popular event usually has 10+ tables 'in play' –  See attached for details.  You can make your reservation by sending me an Email or calling me (339) 223-6484.


Granite State Regional:  June 20-25, Nashua, NH, 6 days of bridge at a great location.

Sheraton Nashua Hotel,  11 Tara Boulevard, Nashua, NH  03062

Proof of Covid Vaccination is no longer required and it is your choice to wear a mask or not.

For Details:


Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC games): June 26 thru July 2, 2023 - Note: almost all bridge clubs in the Boston area will participate in this event.

Results from all participating clubs will be combined for higher overall awards.  These games are very popular.

Silver Masterpoints are awarded for these games (instead of the usual Black Masterpoints). 

For Details:


Eastern Mass Bridge Association (EMBA):

EMBA has scheduled TWO sectional tournaments for the summer of 2023:

  1. Sectional on Cape Cod, July 29-30 (Saturday-Sunday), Mashpee, MA

  1. Sectional in Boston Area, August 5-6 (Saturday-Sunday), Watertown, MA

Other EMBA News:

Double Dummy is a documentary film, featuring a team of Americans playing in the junior world championships of bridge.

It’s now freely streamable here and on the PBS App. The cast includes recent ACBL Player of the Year winner Zach Grossack, and three former Kings of Bridge.

UPDATE: We recently heard from WGBH/Boston that Double Dummy will air on WGBH2 (the main channel) on Thursday 7/6 at 9:00 pm EST.

It will also have a handful of repeats across both channels GBH2 and 44 during that week!



Thanks to all of you for your continued support of our efforts to have a fun place to play bridge.


Bob Gaudet

Cell: (339) 223-6484




Schedule of Bridge Games – Family Friendly Bridge Club                                                           


“Live” Bridge at St Camillus Church, Arlington”


Monday, 12:30 PM, 24 boards, “OPEN”

Tuesday, 6:30 PM, 18-20 boards, “OPEN”, but especially for Non-Lifemasters

Wednesday 10:00 AM -- for Belmont Bridge Club, 20-21 boards, “OPEN”

(location=Beech St Center, Belmont)

Wednesday 7:00 PM -- for Winchester DBC, 24 boards, “OPEN” 

Thursday, 9:30 AM, 9 boards, 20 minute lesson at beginning of session, “Restricted”,

            must be Skill Level = Non-Lifemaster, unless you are mentoring

Thursday, 12:30 PM, 24 boards, “OPEN”

Friday, 12:30 PM, 24 boards, “OPEN”











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