The charities are: The Waltham Boys & Girls Club,  (they will receive $2,870; 2017 was

$1,170), and…

REACH, which provides safety and support to survivors of abuse, and works to end domestic violence. 

With the collection of over $3,950 plus several people shopping directly for gifts, the FFBC

will help REACH make a better holiday

for 10+ families.

Come play FREE Knockouts

in Nashua on June 24th & 25th!


Why play Knockouts?  

Intermediate and newer players love Knockouts (KOs) because they are one of the easiest ways to win gold points, and they are a fun and social way to compete and play.  


Compared to Swiss or Pairs, in KOs:


* You play against teams with average masterpoint holdings similar to yours, and thus skills and experience similar to yours. 


* The masterpoint award formulas are very generous. Depending on the average masterpoint holdings across the bracket, the lower brackets award anywhere from 33% to 100% gold of total award points for top 3 or 4 finishers.


* KOs are a team game with IMP scoring, which means bidding and making the game and slam contracts count more than minor contract or overtrick differences that can dominate pairs scoring.


* Because you play lots of boards against each competitor, the social interaction is often more fun and meaningful.


* You don't have the stress of "hurry up and wait" that often comes with pair games or Swiss games.  

* If you don't have a good day, rather than having to play through the end, you can move on to another event once you are eliminated.


What are winning strategies?

* Take the safe play to make the contract.  Making your contract is much more important then overtricks.  This includes in part score contracts.


* Bid the safer contract (suits vs NT).  A safer minor suit contract is often better than the riskier NT higher scoring contract you would usually try for in pairs.

* Don't double part score contracts unless you can almost certainly set them with just the cards in your own hand.  With the large IMP scoring game bonuses, you really don’t want to double opponents into game!

* Bid game if you are considering it.  IMP scoring has high rewards for bidding and making game contracts (vs going down one), so bid game when your points are a little lighter than normal, especially when you are vulnerable with the bigger game bonus.   


* No changes to bidding or play in slams.

The game is completely free!  This is to encourage us all to give KOs a try.  

Of course, the bigger the game, the tighter the brackets, and the more balanced and fun it is for all involved. 

Hope to see you there!! 



Take a Moment to Clean Up After Yourself!


At the end of every game, please: 

     * Throw away your trash       

     * Close your bidding boxes

     * Bring your bidding boxes and

        table card to the carrying case

        in your section

     * Bring your BridgeMate to the

        case located on the table by

       wall by the kitchen

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