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Coming in Spring 2018: 

To register for a class, please e-mail

Kim at

Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

“Defense Part 2”If you took “Dazzling Defense” in 2017 and are ready for more, or just want to practice some of what you learned, try these four classes. Also open to those who never took a defense class and want to see how much fun it can be!


Topics will include:

April 3 Review of Defensive Basics: 3rd Hand High, 2nd Hand Low, Attitude Signals Giving Partner Count Signals

April 10 Tap Declarer’s Trumps and Promote Your Own Conventions — Zero or Two Higher April 17 Watch Your Discards — What to Keep, What to Throw Off

April 24 Choosing a Strategy — Planning the Defense Count Declarer’s Tricks and Take Action!


Spring-Summer 2018

Tuesday mornings, 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Competitive Bidding — This series is always very popular, since learning how to cope when both sides are in the auction is essential and challenging! If you have completed a Beginner course, you’re ready for this class.


Topics will include:

Weak 2’s and Weak 3’s, Overcalls, Weak Jumps, Takeout Doubles, and Penalty Doubles. The textbook will be “Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding” by Audrey Grant (included). This 6-week class will meet on April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, June 5. Cost: $130 paid at Class #1.


Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Two-Over-One — Five weeks of learning and practicing the modern Two Over-One bidding system — basically Standard American with a couple of great improvements that will noticeably improve your scores!

 Dates will be:  May 1, 8, 15, 22, June 5. Cost: $100 paid at Class #1.



Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Demon Declarers! — Six weeks of techniques for taking all your tricks as Declarer. This is a phenomenal series which will greatly enhance your ability to make your contracts! We’ll cover “play of the hand” in both notrump and suit contracts, with lots of practice hands included.


Dates are June 12 - July 24. Each week will cover a new technique, so you can come to any or all of the lessons. Cost is $120 for the series paid at Class #1, or $25 for individual classes.


Dates and Topics for “Demon Declarers”


June 12 All About Finesses


June 19 Ruffing in Dummy; The Hidden Dummy


June 26 Establishing Dummy’s Long Suit; Discarding Losers [No class July 3]


July 10 No-Trump: Long Suits: Winning the Race


July 17 No-Trump: Holding Up


July 24 Keeping the Dangerous Opponent Off Lead (AKA “Avoidance”)


Kim will not be teaching any classes at

FFBC from July 25th through

the rest of the summer.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 25th. Check back in late July for the

Fall 2018 Schedule!



About the Teachers:

Zach Grossack became a Life Master at age 12 and has won

two national bridge championships, including the 2016

Grand National Teams in Washington DC. He and his brother

Adam are fast becoming one of the most formidable pairs

in the U.S. Zach is a sophomore at Tufts University

and teaches and plays bridge professionally.


Kim Gilman has been playing tournament bridge for 13

years and has won several sectional and regional

championships. She is a Gold Life Master and an

ACBL-certified instructor whose students love her

interactive and easy-to-understand lessons.


These classes are exciting opportunities to learn from a world-class bridge player.

Students from Advanced Beginner on up will gain some terrific insights into how an expert thinks at the table.

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